Respite Care

M3HHOMECARE Respite Care Services

Autistic Children, Special Needs and Sick Babies

At Mothers Helping Hands Home Care we know just how hard it is to care for children. Many parents sacrifice their own needs to juggle the needs of the family. Sleep deprivation, time away from work, missed social opportunities and loss of personal time are just a few of the challenges parents experience. 


Many parents feel guilty for sharing their complaints despite being completely worn out! It is especially difficult for parents to balance their own needs and responsibilities when also caring for a sick infant, for children with special needs, or caring for an autistic child.

Research has demonstrated that respite care services can make a significant positive difference in the lives of families. Our in-home respite care services give you the break you deserve to increase your social and emotional well-being. 

Our skilled and compassionate workers understand the unique challenges you face when caring for children with autism, special needs or even sick babies. That's why respite care may be the perfect solution to help you get the balance you deserve.

Caregivers of Cancer Patients

As the primary caregiver of a loved one with cancer, at times, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed. Since most cancer treatment is given at outpatient treatment centers -- not in hospitals, someone is needed to be part of the day-to-day care of the person with cancer.


Caregivers serve many roles often serving as home health aides and companions as well as being an important part of the cancer care team. The busy schedule can leave you with no time to care for yourself since you're focused on meeting the demands of being a caregiver.


At Mothers Helping Hands Home Care, we believe that good, reliable caregiver support is crucial to the physical and emotional well-being of people with cancer. That's why we offer respite care to give you the break you deserve!


Our in-home respite care allows you to take a break from your duties to relax, run errands or even take a vacation. We want to help you avoid caregiver burnout. That's why it's important that you spend time outside of the caregiver environment.


Post-Operative Respite Care


Caring for a loved one after surgery can be overwhelming, as patients are often discharged before they are fully recovered. Patients released from a  hospital often require help moving about the house, special attention to surgical sites and personal care assistance.


Caregivers are often stressed from caring for their loved one, and managing employment, finances and transportation. That's why we offer in home respite care so that you can avoid caregiver burnout!


Mothers Helping Hands Home Care can work with you to make sure that a skilled and compassionate caregiver will be present when you need post operative caregiver support. Some of the post-operative care services we provide include:


  • Moving about the house

  • Bathing and toiletry help

  • Medication management (Registered nurses provide medication management and our CNA’s assist with reminders)

  • Assistance with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living ) which include bathing, grooming, dressing, etc

  • Companionship and conversation

  • Meal preparation

  • Shopping and other errands

  • Light housekeeping

You don't have to do it all alone! 

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