5 Ways to Improve Pain Without Medicine

Senior Care in Atlanta: 5 Ways to Improve Pain Without Medicine
Senior Care in Atlanta: 5 Ways to Improve Pain Without Medicine

Many older adults suffer from chronic pain. It can be caused by many conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy. While medication prescribed by the doctor can help with pain management, sometimes it isn’t as effective as we’d like. However, there are ways to lessen pain that do not involve medication, so they may be used in addition to the drugs prescribed by the doctor. Below are 5 suggestions to help your aging relative reduce chronic pain.

#1: Try Relaxation Techniques

When muscles carry tension, it can make pain worse. Learning relaxation techniques, such as medication and deep breathing, can help older adults to relax. Meditation typically involves repetition, such as repeating a word or phrase (sometimes called a mantra) while sitting in a comfortable position and concentrating on breathing. Deep breathing is similar. The senior will again sit in a comfortable position while breathing deeply as they imagine filling up their abdomen with air, like blowing up a balloon, and then blowing the breath out slowly.

#2: Keep Moving

Believe it or not, exercise can help to relieve pain. Exercising causes the body to release endorphins, which improve mood and stops the signals that tell the body to feel pain. In addition, it helps to keep the body healthier overall, which may also lessen pain. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to have these effects. Simply taking a brisk 30-minute walk five times per week is enough.

#3: Keep Track of Pain

Your aging relative’s doctor can better treat them if they understand how the senior has been feeling between visits. It can help to track the older adult’s pain and the activities they have been involved in. Keep a journal of pain levels and activities to share with the doctor at the next appointment.

#4: Use Distraction

It can be hard not to think about pain, but sometimes what your aging relative really needs is something to take their mind off it. Try to keep them involved in normal activities as much as possible. Activities that keep the mind engaged can be particularly effective. 

#5: Try Massage

Massage helps to release tension from levels and can reduce stress. Getting a professional massage may be the most effective, but even a gentle back or foot rub can be soothing and reduce pain.

In-Home Senior Care services can assist your aging relative to use some of the tips mentioned above. A senior care provider can remind them to use deep breathing and meditation when they are experiencing pain. A senior care provider can help them to remain physically active, such as by escorting them on walks to ensure they stay safe and offer companionship. Senior care providers can also offer massage and activities to distract them.

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