Is Living Together the Best Option?

At some point you and your aging family member might start discussing options related to living arrangements. One of the ideas you might be considering is whether to live in the same location together.

Home Care in Atlanta GA: Living With Your Senior
Home Care in Atlanta GA: Living With Your Senior

What Makes Sense Financially?

The first factor you need to consider is what makes sense financially for your senior and for yourself. You may need to sit down together and run the numbers to see what combining your households will do for you. If either side isn’t ready to do this, then it might not be the right time.

What Responsibilities Do You Have Now?

Another urgent factor is what responsibilities and duties you have now compared to how those responsibilities would change if you and your senior live together. For instance, you might have to spend considerable time now commuting to your senior. Having her in your home with you can free up that time for you.

Does the Home Need Modifying?

If your elderly family member is planning to move into your home, do you need to change anything in the house for her safety? A chair lift can make stairs both safer and easier to navigate, for instance. Or you might need to widen some door frames to make way for a walker or wheelchair.

Will You Have Additional Help?

The more help that you can have as a caregiver, the better usually. If living together with your aging family member is going to improve the help that you receive, then it’s probably a good idea. Another option is that you can hire elderly care providers to offer additional help with your senior’s care.

Do You Both Want to Do This?

Ultimately, though, you might be able to work through some of the above issues. What you can’t work through as easily is a situation in which either or both of you don’t want this at all. That’s going to make the situation much more unpleasant for you and for your aging family member. If neither of you want this, try to find another solution.

For lots of modern families, multi-generational living solves a great many logistical problems as well as other practical concerns. It isn’t for everyone, though, and that’s important to remember. If you determine that this isn’t the ideal solution for you and your aging adult, that’s okay. You can try something else rather than forcing a situation that you know isn’t ideal.

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