How to Support a Senior with Leukemia

Leukemia is a kind of cancer that forms in the tissues that play a role in producing blood, such as bone marrow and the lymphatic system. There are many different kinds of leukemia, but regardless of the kind your aging relative has, they’ll need your help as they go through treatment and recovery. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do to help someone with cancer. Below are some ways you can support an older adult with leukemia.

Home Health Care in Dunwoody GA: Leukemia Care Tips
Home Health Care in Dunwoody GA: Leukemia Care Tips

Be an Advocate

Learn everything you can about the kind of leukemia your aging relative has and how it is being treated. This can help you to assist them in making good decisions about their care. As questions come up, write them down so you remember to ask the doctor about them at the next appointment. Take notes at medical appointments. This will help you and the older adult to remember what was said later on.

Help Find a Support Group

If your aging relative is struggling with their diagnosis, it can help to attend a support group for people with leukemia. The hospital or doctor may be able to provide you with information about support groups in the senior’s community. You may also be able to find one by searching on the Internet or calling the local senior center.

Keep Up with Nutritional Needs

Cancer treatment often has some troubling side effects, like difficulty eating because of loss of appetite or nausea. Even if they don’t feel like eating, it’s important that they do since the body needs nutrition to stay healthy and help fight leukemia. It can be easier for people with cancer to eat several small meals throughout the day instead of trying to eat three larger ones. Try making foods that are easy to eat ahead of time and reheat them when the senior feels hungry. Because dehydration is also a concern, be sure the senior drinks plenty of liquids even when they cannot eat. Try offering nutritious liquids, like broth or fruit juice.

Hire Elder Care

Sometimes family members aren’t able to be with their aging relative’s as much as is needed for their care. They have jobs, families, and other responsibilities to attend to. Or, they may not live nearby. Whatever the case, elder care providers can come to the senior’s home and assist them with many different things. Elder care providers can help with household tasks, like cleaning, cooking, making beds, and doing laundry. They can also assist with personal care, like dressing, bathing, getting to the bathroom safely, and reminding the older adult when it is time to take medication.

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