Five Details that Make Fall Prevention Easier

Whether or not your senior is worried about falling, it’s important that you have a fall prevention plan in place. These tips can help you to fine tune your initial plan so that you’re covering as many bases as possible.

Home Care Services in Buckhead GA: Fall Prevention
Home Care Services in Buckhead GA: Fall Prevention

Clutter Is Your Senior’s Enemy

Clutter bothers some people immensely, while other people don’t have a problem with it. Clutter can affect your senior’s life immensely, though. If there’s too many different items spread around, odds are high that at least a few of them are going to be in her way when she’s walking. Do what you can to clear and to contain clutter wherever you may find it.

So Are Spills

Spills are another problem which can seriously derail your senior’s day. Make it a habit to take care of spills as soon as you find them. When you deal with them immediately, you’re less likely to have puddles lying around which can create a hazard.

Walkways Need to Be Clear

It might seem as if the “clear path” solution has already been covered, but walkways can be blocked by more than clutter. Tubing for medical devices, cords, and even perceived blocks like glare creating a weird shadow can all cause your senior to fall. Do what you can to make sure that all paths and walkways are as clear as they can be.

Rugs and Other Floor Coverings Need to Be Secure

Rugs, whether they’re throw rugs or larger area rugs, can easily become a falling hazard. They can slip and slide under your senior’s feet and they can bunch up and create a hump that’s easy to trip over. One of the easiest solutions for this problem is to use carpet tape to secure the rugs to the flooring underneath.

Chairs and Other Seating Should Have Arms

It’s easy to overlook a time when your senior might be most at risk for a fall: When she’s sitting down or standing up. Having seating that has arms helps to avoid that problem. Sturdy arms give your senior somewhere to brace herself as she raises and lowers her body. If she has significant trouble with this action, a walker can help her to brace herself until she’s comfortably up or down.

Keeping your elderly family member from falling is not fool-proof. But you can definitely take some steps that give you and your senior a much better chance of avoiding an injury. Elderly care providers can also help you to spot potential trouble spots before they become a certain trouble spot.

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