Four Pointers if You Need to Talk about a Move with Your Senior

Whether you know your elderly family member absolutely has to move soon or you simply suspect that she’ll move in with you at some point, you really can’t just assume she’s on board with that idea. It’s a good idea to talk about it, even if that talk is tough.

Home Care in Alpharetta GA: Senior Moving
Home Care in Alpharetta GA: Senior Moving

She Might Not Be Thinking about Moving at All

While you’ve been stressing over this conversation, it’s important to note that your senior might not have had one single thought about this at all. She could be under the impression that she’s going to be able to stay right where she is for the foreseeable future. This conversation could hit her like a bolt out of the blue, especially if she’s been making big plans for her current abode.

Bring the Topic up Gently

You need to be gentle when you bring up the idea of moving, but it absolutely needs to be discussed. What does she want in the near future? If she doesn’t want to move, then you’re going to need to look at alternatives. And if you’ve been focusing only on moving, you might not see that there could be other possibilities. Keep calm during the conversation and make sure you’re really listening to what your senior wants.

Figure out if Staying Where She Is Might Be Possible

Even if you’ve been trying to address all possible concerns by thinking about a possible move, it could technically be possible for your senior to stay where she is. Look at what it would take to make that happen. It’s possible that all she would need is more help, which is something that senior care providers can do. Or your elderly family member might need some safety modifications to her home to allow her to stay. Look a little deeper at what answers you might be able to find.

Formulate a Plan, Even if You Know the Plan Might Change

You should have enough information to resolve what’s going on in the immediate future. You may be able to put together a plan for a little further ahead, too. It’s important to keep your senior’s options as open as possible because things do change rapidly. This is also why talking with your senior about what she wants is a crucial step in the process.

A move is a big deal for anyone, but it can be a massive undertaking for your senior. This is especially true if she’s lived most of her life in one place. This can become a heated topic really quickly, so take breaks and come back to the conversation when everyone is able.

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