Helping Elderly Loved Ones Through Dialysis

Millions of elderly Americans deal with kidney disease each year, as age and disease take a toll on those organs. The kidneys filter out waste in the blood, keeping it clean. When seniors struggle with kidney disease, it can affect their daily life and they require plenty of support. The treatment for kidney disease is a procedure known as dialysis. Family caregivers should know that when an elderly loved one begins dialysis, they will need their support system more than ever.

Elder Care in Buckhead GA: Dialysis
Elder Care in Buckhead GA: Dialysis

Kidney Disease in Seniors

Kidney disease is when healthy kidneys stop working properly and the waste and toxins that are usually filtered out start to build up. Seniors with kidney disease often experience lethargy, sleep problems, muscle cramps, nausea, and itchy skin. In most cases, the aging adults are not able to take care of themselves or at least to complete several daily tasks that they might otherwise be able to do family caregivers become very important in this case to ensure the aging adult can live in their own home and get the help they need.

Dialysis is a type of treatment that helps people with unhealthy kidneys by filtering the blood, removing those toxins. Because dialysis is a procedure that must be done at a specialized treatment center, clinic or hospital, aging adults usually cannot manage to attend without help from others. Family caregivers must be responsible for managing this life-saving treatment and ensuring their aging loved one is at the right place at the right time.

Helping Seniors with Dialysis

Family caregivers who look after an elderly relative with kidney disease must make plans for constant care before, during and after dialysis. There’s little room for error when it comes to treating kidney disease via dialysis. Dialysis comes with its own side effects, however, and family caregivers may need help in the form of home care providers to take on some of the caregiving responsibilities their aging loved ones need.

Elderly adults who participate in dialysis procedures frequently struggle with low blood pressure, dry skin, infections, malnutrition and nausea. This can leave them feeling tired, unmotivated and depressed at how they feel. Many family caregivers hire home care providers that assist the elderly with daily tasks. When someone like a home care provider is there to take care of things like laundry, cleaning, meal preparation and more, the aging adults can focus on healing and rest.

Home care providers can also assist aging adults in their efforts to feel better despite their kidney disease and dialysis. They can help with medication management to ensure things like painkillers, anti-nausea meds and anti-depressants are taken on time. Home care providers can also prepare healthy meals and monitor the senior’s fluid intake. When the aging adult struggles with getting read in the morning, home care providers can help with bathing, dressing, moisturizing the skin and grooming.

Dialysis is a necessary part of living with kidney disease, and family caregivers can play a big part in how well their aging loved one receives the treatment. With help from home care providers, seniors don’t have to struggle through dialysis on their own.

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