Children's GAPP Program

Medicaid’s Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP), an in-home nursing program is designed to serve eligible members based on a medical necessity determination(s) for children under the age of 20 years 11 months. Members seeking services through GAPP’s In-Home Nursing Program must have medically necessary nursing and/or personal care support needs for services to be approved.

GAPP offers the following services described below.

In-Home Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing Care is provided in the home.

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • IV therapies

  • Monitoring vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration & temperature

  • Tube feedings

  • Wound care

Personal Care Support Personnel

Personal care support personnel provide care to eligible GAPP members such as

  • ADL (feeding, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene)

  • Preparation of meals

  • Light housekeeping, around the members’ personal space

  • Assisting with mobility & ambulation and other services

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